denise swansonDenise Swanson

In need of a career change, I left a successful role in marketing in 2001 and began working freelance, offering design, digital imaging, photography and marketing services to a small number of regular clients.

Undertaking various corporate assignments, I also worked as a freelance photographer covering sports, events, PR and breaking news, whilst working on personal projects in my spare time. I won several awards, was published in a number of books and journals, had images used in advertising and was accepted as a contributor to several leading photo image libraries. I was accepted as a full member of the Association of Photographers (AoP) and qualified with the BIPP, firstly as a Licentiate in Illustrative photography then as an Associate in Scientific photography and after gaining an MA in Fine Art, I qualified as a Fellow in Fine Art photography in 2010.

Pursuing my own ideas and projects also gave me the opportunity to become skilled in digital printmaking as I started exhibiting, producing and selling my own fine art prints, which in turn led to producing prints for other photographers and artists, for exhibition and for resale.

The experience of undergoing an MA in Fine Art exposed me to working with a number of other artists. Gaining understanding of their vision, I quickly found I could communicate easily with artists of all disciplines. Other artists started asking me to photograph their work, curators commissioned me to document art projects and photograph installations and others asked me to produce editioned prints and cards. Setting up my studio allowed me to create a purpose-built environment in which I can photograph many types of artwork as well as practice and try out ideas.

I find the work interesting, challenging and immensely rewarding. The combinination of technical skills with the vision and understanding of a fellow artist and ability to communicate using the same visual language, is cleary beneficial to both parties. I have undertaken a number of projects with a growing number of artists and curators and am always keen to seek more such opportunities.


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