denise swansonDenise Swanson

fine art reproduction

I work with a growing number of artists looking for an affordable was to obtain high quality, digital images of their paintings, drawings,  printed works, sculptures, ceramics and installations. Sometimes this is to reproduce the work as a fine art print, other times it may be to illustrate a book or website, document a project, record an installation or exhibition, or to apply for funding or other opportunities.

Whatever the reason, there is one common need - a good, high quality capture with accurate colours.


To capture the intricate details of brush or pencil strokes requires specialist lighting and high resolution equipment. My studio is custom designed for this purpose which means I have the facilities, the equipment and the experience to know how to control the light in order to bring out the detail of the work.

high resolution

Every artwork is different and every artist has slightly different priorities so the camera used largely depends upon the purpose of the final output as well as the priority. I adapt to suit the needs of each client for each project using either a full frame digital SLR or medium format camera with digital back, both with top quality lenses. The level of detail captured will produce a file size capable of reproduction as a large print.

colour accuracy

Artists choose a particular colour for good reason so I regard it as essential to match that colour as closely as possible. My workflow is fully colour-managed, from capture to output with each stage calibrated to the same profile. Whilst this does not necessarily guarantee a perfect match, I do a final comparison between capture and the original artwork to ensure as close a match as possible.

affordable yet personal

I like to build a relationship with artists - if I understand their work and what they are trying to achieve, I can provide the services needed and charge a fair price for doing so. I offer a free initial consultation so that we can chat about what is needed, look at some artwork and I can offer some suggestions. I will provide a quote on that basis and we can take it from there.