denise swansonDenise Swanson

How much do you charge?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution with this type of photography as every client has different requirements and every job is very different. Once I have a few details from you, I will offer a quote which is valid for up to 21 days, based on the uses you specify.

I try to keep rates affordable, especially for individual artists so will quote based on my understanding of what you need. Please don't ask for a discount or for a 'mates rate' - if the budget is tight, tell me and I can see what I can offer that fits within it.

What do you charge for?

The rates I quote are based on the time I spend photographing the subject(s), post-processing, colour correcting and editing images, preparing for export at various files sizes, delivering to the client and sending copies to curators, publishers, or online galleries. In order to be able to provide my clients with the best possible service, I need to charge for my time and for my creativity as well as for my studio and photographic equipment, business expenses, insurance, taxes and living costs. I enjoy what I do but like you, cannot afford to work for free.

What files can I expect?

Typically, artists need images that they can use on their websites, in online portfolios, exhibition or funding applications and in social media, in order to promote themselves and their work. To keep costs affordable, especially for individual artists, files from a photo session are normally supplied as low-resolution JPG images uploaded to Dropbox. A watermark may be included if the primary use is to be online unless a credit is provided. 

For work of this kind, high resolution (300dpi) images are not normally provided as standard, unless specified in the original brief and included in the quote but are available from £15 (inc vat) each. For reproductions or for work where publication is a known outcome of the original brief, high resolution files are supplied and delivered electronically in a format suitable for publication.

What about prints?

Fine art digital printing at various sizes and on a variety of papers is available either as an add-on service or as a one-off for individual images. Photo books are also available. Please ask for details.

Copyright & Licensing

The copyright of all photographs and final edited images supplied to clients resides with Denise Swanson.  All images are supplied with a license which states what the images can and cannot be used for, based on the initial brief. Further uses can usually be agreed at additional cost so please ensure the license covers your intended use or ask permission first to avoid inadvertent infringement.

In the case of reproductions or digital captures of existing artworks, the original artist holds copyright in their work.

Back-ups & Archives

As each shoot takes place, images are downloaded to a local hard drive for processing and backed up onto an external drive. They also remain on the memory cards until the editing process has been completed. Once completed and signed off, the files are backed up and archived to another external hard drive so that there are always 2 or 3 copies in existence.