denise swansonDenise Swanson

fine art prints

A growing number of artists are realising that producing a limited edition of prints created from their original artwork can be a lucrative and worthwhile means of generating additional revenue from their existing artwork whilst enhancing the price of the original piece. At one time too costly for many artists to consider, this is now a cost-effective option.

Photographers also sometimes need high quality prints for display, portfolio or for resale, without being able to justify the high cost of necessary equipment and experience. Prints can be produced from high quality images you supply.

high quality capture

It all starts with the capture -  a professional quality, high resolution digital file with accurate colours and fine details is needed to produce a high quality fine art print, or it will never look right and that can do more harm than good. Once the original artwork has been digitally captured and any colour balancing carried out, prints can be produced on demand as part of an edition as they sell, so there is no need to buy quantities up front.

professional grade prints

Giclee prints of archival quality are recognised as having the quality needed for a fine art print but only if produced according to certain criteria. Desktop inkjet printers are designed for every day printing and just do not give the quality or range of colours required for a fine art print. The printer I use is a professional grade, wide format 600dpi 12-colour printer which produces prints of outstanding quality.

archive quality

Similarly, in order to comply with certain archival standards that ensure prints will not fade prematurely, I use only pigment inks and archival quality paper from suppliers such as Hahnemuhle and Somerset.

experienced printmaker

In producing my own fine art digital prints for exhibition and sale for over ten years, I have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience using a variety of printers and paper types. I now offer this as an affordable and bespoke service to other artists and photographers and as a fellow artist, you can be sure we speak the same language and that colour accuracy and detail is given the highest priority.

bespoke service

I have tried most of the papers and other media developed for digital fine art printing (and various others besides). I am happy to offer advice as to choice of paper, size of print, textures etc to suit a particular image and can provide an affordable print from the file you provide. Any additional work needed on the file prior to printing will be discussed with you first and of course, you have a chance to proof before the final print is made.