denise swansonDenise Swanson

installations & exhibitions

Photographing works of art in exhibitions or as installations requires not just the necessary technical expertise in photography. Equally as important is having an understanding of an artists' or curators' vision, with appreciation of the need to express that vision in a particular way whilst being able to capture  sympathetically. An MA in Fine Art and qualification at the highest level in photography, offers a unique approach.

For an exhibition, that might mean capturing specific views on site to illustrate dialog between the works of various artists, or reflect how the curator is seeking to engage an audience. It might be to document work not normally accessible, such as from various collections, for archival purposes or to document an important show in a grand setting, such as Tate Britain. It may be a combination of all these.

art projects

Whether indoors, in a gallery setting or in less accessible spaces such as a dark, quiet church interior during a live performance, or a busy, noisy public space like a railway station in rush hour. Or outdoors, documenting the progress of a cart being pulled uphill through cobbled streets in traffic or through the city during torrential rain, or an outdoor intervention lasting several hours in severe cold, previous experience as a freelance editorial and sports photographer has proven invaluable!



In this type of work it is essential to build relationships with mutual trust and understanding. Starting with an informal chat to discuss the project helps me gain an understanding of what is needed and for what purpose, whilst you gain an understanding of what is possible and how we can achieve it. We work together to formulate a plan which will then allow me to provide a fair price for what is needed and so you don't end up paying for what you may not need.

recent projects

for artists, curators, galleries and museums have included:

photographing an entire body of work being acquired by a national archive
documenting a national exhibition for a book published by Tate Britain
documenting artists' work for live performance
reproduction of artworks as fine art prints
digitise, restore & reproduce images from 35mm slides and 120 film
various exhibitions in both small and large galleries and spaces
installations and projects in various outdoor locations
one-off live performance 
images used for posters, catalogs, brochures , books and prints

as well as a large public realm project as part of We Play Expo, funded by Cultural Olympiad ACE